Music Therapy @ Ren Ci

Music therapy is the use of evidence-based music interventions by a credentialed professional within a therapeutic relationship to support individuals in improving their health, functioning and wellbeing. A holistic approach is used to meet identified physical, cognitive, spiritual, psychosocial, emotional needs safely and creatively through active and receptive music experiences.


Music therapy was formally introduced in Ren Ci in 2021 with the aim of enhancing the quality of lives and care of our patients and seniors. They are supported to find comfort through relaxation, explore difficult feelings and self-expression through music-making, facilitate connectedness and supportive relationships through music activities and develop greater confidence in their abilities and self-esteem. 


At Ren Ci, music therapy is offered on a referral basis to patients and residents who can benefit clinically from the service individually or within a group setting, depending on their individualized plan of care. Music therapists at Ren Ci have completed an accredited music therapy course, registered with professional music therapy organization from the country of training and are registered members of the Association for Music Therapy (Singapore).