Financial Charges

Chronic Sick

The table below serves as a general reference of estimated bill sizes (w.e.f. 15 Aug 2022).

  Subsidised Patient Non-subsidised Patient
Average daily bill size $65 - $135 $303
Average monthly bill size $2,000 - $4,170 $9,378


  • The estimated hospital bill sizes of the patients staying in subsidised wards are computed after applying government grant and hospital subsidy.
  • The estimated hospital bill sizes include ward charges, treatment charges, therapy charges and ancillary charges such as non-standard drugs, procedure, laboratory tests, etc.
  • The estimated bill size are estimates based on statistical average and serve as reference only. The actual bill size may differ from the above estimates depending on the length of stay and/or type of treatment received.
  • An admission deposit of $1,200 will be collected upon admission of the patient.
  • The above rates are in Singapore Dollars and are quoted before GST.
  • GST is absorbed by MOH for subsidised residents for eligible services.
  • Maximum Medisave claimable per patient is limited to $50 per day up to a maximum of $3,000 a year.
  • The above rates serve as a guide and are subject to change.
  • For enquiries, please call us at 6385 0288 or email us at

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