A Fruitful Fiesta 2019

Ren Ci’s annual flagship event – Vegetarian Food Fiesta concluded with more than $300,000 raised from the one-day carnival. 77 food and merchandise stalls spread across three floors within the compounds of Ren Ci Community Hospital, providing delightful retail therapy for over 5,000 visitors, volunteers, staff as well as our patients and nursing home residents.

Ren Ci’s “Small Change for a Cause”, an initiative launched last December to advocate that small change donations can have meaningful impact and bring a ray of hope to the seniors under our care, was broadened to encourage saving of loose change at home. Colourful coin tins designed by a volunteer were given out to visitors at this year’s Food Fiesta. The adopters of these tins were excited to bring it home to store their loose change. They can also choose to donate their loose change to support our beneficiaries by calling us to collect their tins from their doorstep.

7-year-old Summer Wong was happy to receive her “piggy bank”. She is determined to fill up the tin with her excess pocket money as she believed that helping seniors in need is the right thing to do.

Summer’s father, Mr Alan Wong said, “Nurturing good virtues starts at home. The idea of using piggy banks as a tool to cultivate kindness and compassion is a good one. Kids are attracted to it and will appreciate the fulfilment when their efforts can help those in need.”