Ren Ci Senior Care Centre (SCC) provides day rehab as well as both social and healthcare services for the seniors during the day.  We aim to help them lead quality and meaningful life through supervision and tailored care by optimising their functional abilities while helping them to remain integrated within the community.

Today, Ren Ci operates three SCCs in:


 Ren Ci CH RGB
  • Located on Level 3
  • Tel: 6355 6404 (office hours)

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 7.00pm
  • Saturday: 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays


Ren Ci AMK

  • Located on Level 2
  • Tel: 6355 6205 (office hours)

Operating Hours

  • Please call Centre for operating hours.

Click here for more info on the SSC in Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio.

Ren Ci BB

  • Located on Level 2
  • Tel: 6665 2031 (office hours)

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday : 7.00am to 7.00pm
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holiday


Quality Care

Seniors who require the following services may enroll into our SCC:

  • Day care services.
  • Maintenance exercise program to maintain current physical status or prevent deterioration.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) and personal care needs.
  • Recently discharged from a hospital, and possess good rehabilitation potential for further improvement in the physical and functional status.

Our SCC provides the following services

  • Day Rehabilitation – To optimise patient’s functional recovery by providing sessional Occupational Therapy /Physiotherapy rehabilitation program.
  • Maintenance Day Care – To provide full-day care support for the elderly so as to maintain their general physical and psychosocial well-being. (E.g. community outings, recreational/ leisure activities)
  • General & Enhanced Dementia Day Care – To deliver general full-day care for elderly at different stages of dementia to help them maintain their physical, emotional & psychological well-being through activities that include reality orientation and cognitive stimulation. The Enhanced Dementia Day Care programme includes the management of challenging behaviours exhibited by dementia clients through therapeutic or non-pharmacological activities.
  • Centre-based Nursing – To provide general nursing care such as wound management, stoma care, and medication administration etc. for the community.
  • Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC) service – To enable frail individuals who have multiple care needs to delay or reduce institutional care and remain in the community.


To enroll your loved one, you will need a referral from your doctor to assess your suitability for such services. Please speak to your care staff at the hospital that you or your loved one is staying, and he/she will assist you in submitting an application to Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

Subsidy for Therapy Sessions

If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can undergo a means test to determine your eligibility for subsidy, and thereafter, enjoy relevant level of government subsidy based on the results.

Use of Medisave

You can either tap on your family member’s or your Medisave to pay for your active rehab. Medisave withdrawal limit is $25 per session, subject to annual cap of $1,500 per year. This is only applicable for day rehabilitation sessions.


Transport is provided for seniors who stay within a 5km radius from the centre, subject to availability and prevailing charges.