Community Hospital

While the actual bill size may vary depending on the treatments and medical conditions of each patient, you may take a look below at our Estimated Hospital Charges (w.e.f. 1 April 2018) for Community Hospital as a general reference.

Estimated Ward Charges

Singapore Citizen Permanent Resident Resident Foreigner/Non-resident 
Average daily bill size* $100 - $380 $240 - $460 $480 - $546
Average monthly bill size $3,000 - $11,400 $7,200 - $13,800 $14,400 - $16,380
For payment from Medishield Life, the estimated balance payable in cash and/or from Medisave (monthly) $300 - $1,665 $3,960 - $7,495  NA

 *Based on the monthly charges computation files


  • The estimated hospital bill sizes of the patients staying in subsidised wards are computed after applying government grant and hospital subsidy.
  • The estimated hospital bill sizes include ward charges, treatment charges , therapy charges and ancillary charges such as non-standard drugs, procedure, laboratory tests etc.
  • The estimated bill size are estimates based on statistical average and serve as reference only. The actual bill size may differ from the above estimates depending on the length of stay and/or type of treatment received.
  • The above rate are in Singapore Dollars and are quoted before GST.
  • Maximum Medisave claimable per patient per year is $5,000. Cash deposit required will be adjusted to include the difference should there be insufficient Medisave. Deposit is only refundable if patients does not use Medisave.
  • The hospital reserves the right to request for additional cash deposit to be topped up if the initial deposit has been exhausted.
  • The above rates serve as a guide and are subject to change.
  • For enquiries, please call us at 6385 0288.

Upon admission, our Medical Social Workers and Business Office personnel will advise patients and their family members to take part in a MOH Means Test to determine the amount of government subvention. As part of MOH’s latest enhancements to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to Singaporeans, the subsidy framework has been revised to 6 tiers, offering between 20% to 75% subsidy for Singaporeans. Meanwhile, Permanent Residents can also enjoy subsidy of up to 50%.

Goods and Service Tax (GST) chargeable for healthcare services will be absorbed by MOH for all subsidised ILTC patients with effect from 1 July 2012.

Long-term Care

Estimated Monthly Bill Size

Singapore Citizen Permanent Resident Resident Foreigner/Non-resident
Chronic Sick Unit* $1,860- $4,560 $2,460- $4,560 $8,700
Nursing Home Services** $651- $2,418 $651- $2,418 $3,829
Short Stay Unit $450- $1,519 $809- $1,519 $2,015


 *Chronic Sick Unit: Estimated daily consumables charges at $20 per day (including diapers, milk feeds, etc)
**Nursing Home Services: Based on package billing

Ren Ci Hospital reserves the right to revise the charges as and when deemed necessary

Centre Based Services

Singapore Citizen Permanent Resident  Resident Foreigner/Non-resident
Sessional Charge
Active Rehabilitation  $10- $80 $22- $80 $80
Maintenance Rehabilitation  $7- $65 $16- $65 $65
Centre Based Nursing  $5-$54 $11-$54 $54
Monthly Charge
Maintenance Day Care $160-$1,438  $380-$1,438 $1,438
General Dementia Day Care $200-$1,558 $440-$1,558 $1,558
Enhance Demnatia Day Care $250-$1,798  $550-$1,798 $1,798
IHDC $230-$2,560  $288-$2,560 $2,560