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+ Medical Report

The Business Office and Medical Record Office facilitate the release of medical information which is in the form of medical reports and patient discharge summary. The release of medical information is subject to official approval.

Please note that a fee is chargeable for the release of medical information. The requestor shall pay the fee upon the approval of Ren Ci Hospital before the release of the medical information.

Important: Consent by Next-of-Kin for Estate Claims form is required when medical information of a deceased patient is requested for the purposes of estate claims. All requests for medical report will only be processed upon receipt of your documents, consent form (Consent for Release of Medical Information) or insurance form, and appropriate payment.

Click here to download the Consent for Release of Medical Information (Report/ Record) form.

+ Ways to Request for Medical Information

  • Download and complete the form. Submit the form via email:; or
  • Download and print the form. Mail the completed form with the supporting documents to Business Office, Ren Ci Hospital; or
  • Write in to Business Office, Ren Ci Hospital permitting the hospital to release the medical information for a stated purpose; or
  • Request in person at the Business Office, Ren Ci Hospital; or
  • Interested third parties can write in together with patient’s consent, permitting the hospital to release medical information for a stated purpose. For foreign workers who have returned to their native country, employers are also required to submit their written consent and cancellation of work permit.

+ Documents Required

a) Patient’s written consent to allow the hospital to release medical information for a stated purpose.

  • For patients below 21 years of age, consent from the parent / guardian is required.
  • For deceased patients, consent from the appointed representative of the estate is required.
  • The “Consent for Release of Medical Information for Deceased Patient by All Children / All Siblings” must be filled up, where applicable.
  • A copy of the death certificate and other supporting documents, e.g. marriage certificate and letters of administration, are required as proof of the representative’s relationship to the patient.

b) A copy of the patient’s NRIC / identification document(s)

+ Fees

The fee for request of the medical report ranges from $80 to $240, depending on the details, specific opinion or prognosis and medical facts required for the different types of medical reports for the specified purposes.

Our Business Office will contact you for the payment after approval by our medical doctor. Payment can be made via cash, credit card, NETS or cheque.

+ Methods of Delivery/Collection

As a general guide, the time frame for retrieving the medical reports is within 2 to 3 working weeks upon receiving the fee.

Patients can request to receive the medical report in the following ways:

  • By Mail (please provide mailing address at the point of application);
  • Self-collection at Ren Ci’s Business Office; or
  • Patient will be contacted once the report is ready for collection.
  • NRIC of patient and payment receipt must be produced upon collection.
  • Authorisation letter is required if a third party is collecting on patient’s behalf.

+ Business Office

Address : Ren Ci Community Hospital
71 Irrawaddy Road
Level 2, Business Office
Singapore 329562
Contact : 6385 0288 (T)
6355 6405 (F)
Opening Hours : 8.30am to 5.45pm (Monday to Friday)
8.30am to 12.30pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

+ Medical Record (for Inter-Hospital use only)

As part of our commitment to facilitate the continuation of care for our discharged patients who may seek medical treatment in other hospital, we offer doctors who are currently attending them an inter-hospital service to request for loan or photocopy of the required medical records.

As medical records are confidential information of the patients, requesting doctors from other hospitals are required to contact Ren Ci MRO by email: to request for an Inter-Hospital Medical Record Request Form.

Ren Ci MRO will contact / reply the requestor within one working day. The release of the medical record information is subject to approval.