Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision 愿景

Holistic care with Loving Kindness and Compassion 


Our Mission 使命

Partnering the community to provide inclusive healthcare for quality and meaningful living


Our Core Values 核心价值

Ren Ci core values - TO-CARE create a sense of shared identity and form the guiding principles in our delivery of care.


We work as a team, earning trust and helping one another to do our best towards our united goals.


We listen to new ideas and feedback, and incorporate different perspectives to advance the organisation.


We touch lives daily by showing care and concern for individuals with whom we serve and work.


We foster collaborative partnerships with stakeholders in the community to enhance the well-being and health of people we serve.


We recognise every individual as a unique person of worth and dignity. We value and appreciate diversity.


We continuously improve, innovate and embrace changes so as to deliver exceptional care and service.


Our Strategy 策略方针

Ren Ci 2025 is our next 5-year strategic plan co-created with employees from all levels that will take us from a few good hands, to becoming the leader in community care. It will leverage on The 5 Ps as the strategic themes that will guide Ren Ci to work towards its aspirations and vision for 2025.


Enhance Staff Development, Career Development and Staff Engagement.


Deliver Value through Improved Service, Process and Quality. Leverage on Innovation and Technology.


Stronger Relationships with Donors, Volunteers, Social and Community Partners.


Better Healing and Working Environment.

Products & Services

Enhance Palliative, Dementia and Psychosocial Care and Caregiver Support.


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