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Ren Ci’s nursing homes represent our foray into the heartlands, with nursing homes located in Bukit Batok, Ang Mo Kio and a third nursing home slated to open in Woodlands in early 2024. They provide long term residential care for seniors who are mostly wheelchair-bound or bedridden, with multiple illnesses requiring daily nursing needs. They are generally from low socio-economic backgrounds, with high social and emotional support needs. We have dedicated dementia wards for residents who require such specialised care.

In addition to nursing care, we also provide different therapeutic activities including personalised active rehabilitation to improve or maintain the functional abilities of our residents as much as possible. We also bring in volunteers who conduct various activities such as hair cutting services, befriending, birthday celebrations, games and performances. Spiritual support for the major religions is also provided to residents in partnership with various religious organisations.

A Day in the Life of a Ren Ci Nursing Home Resident

Although every day is different, here’s an example of what residents may experience in our nursing home. The day’s routines also differ from resident to resident, as we conduct a social assessment to take into account their preferred waking times, morning routines, shower preferences, bed times and more for an individualised Rhythm of Life that maintains our residents’ sense of self.


Wake up, shower




Morning group exercises or individual rehab sessions


Free & easy with a choice of activities – I can choose to read the newspaper, watch TV, play chess with my friends, garden, take care of our communal pets, etc


Lunch! Meals at Ren Ci are designed by a dietician to ensure that they're healthy and meet my nutritional needs. There are options to cater to different dietary restrictions. 






Fun volunteer activities! Bingo sessions are a huge hit. If volunteers aren’t here today, I may choose to cook. Sandwiches and fried bee hoon are hot favourites among us residents.


If I'm feeling a little peckish, I can help myself to light snacks and hot drinks whenever I want. If I need a little assistance, the staff are here to help me. 





Rest time – I can watch TV, or we may request movies, do some light reading, etc.



Lights out




Admission to any Ren Ci nursing home is by referral through the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), a centralised government agency that monitors the availability of beds across all ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care) facilities in Singapore.

To apply for admission, you will need to consult a social worker at the hospital or polyclinic, and they would assist you in submitting an application to AIC.

Should your application be deemed suitable, both nursing and social assessments will be conducted. Please note that a copy of the total household income (where the applicant is registered under) and identification are required for the application. We will then arrange for the transfer.

Upon arrival, our friendly nursing home staff will orientate the resident and accompanying next-of-kin as well as introduce them to their fellow residents.

Please click Agency for Integrated Care to read more about the various types of eldercare services available.

We currently have two nursing homes at Bukit Batok and Ang Mo Kio, with a third nursing home in Woodlands slated to begin operations in early 2024. For more information on each nursing home, click the images below:

Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52

Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio

Ren Ci @ Woodlands

Ren Ci @ Bukit Batok St. 52

Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio

Ren Ci @ Woodlands


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