Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio

Located just a stone’s throw from Bishan Park, Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio is a 472-bed nursing home that was purpose-built to be the first nursing home in Singapore with a communal household concept. Residents live in households of 16 or 20, which contain 4-bed bedrooms clustered around shared living spaces such as a day activity area and kitchenette. The 11-storey building also houses a Senior Care Centre.

Residents are encouraged to continue exploring their interests, with facilities such as a wheelchair-accessible garden and mini balconies with space for planter boxes available. Should the household come to an agreement, small pets such as birds or fishes can also be kept. Residents are also encouraged to don their preferred outfits. All of this promotes a homelier environment where residents are encouraged to express their individuality, with the support of our staff.

A Smarter Way to Care

Ren Ci continually seeks to improve patient care, safety and staff productivity through innovation and technology. To this end, we have invested in, piloted and implemented several solutions to reduce manpower needs for routine work and enable our staff to better focus on patient care.

One such solution is the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which is a smart robot that helps deliver laundry and meals to the different floors, reducing the man hours needed for deliveries.

The Smart Geofencing System (SGS) for residents’ safety uses RFID technology to track and record movements of residents with dementia within the facility. This enables our staff to ensure that our residents with a tendency to wander are safe, while still empowering our residents with freedom of movement.

These solutions will be scaled up and deployed to other facilities as the need arises.