Community Hospital

Strategically located at the heart of Singapore along Irrawaddy Road, the 15-storey building is connected to Tan Tock Seng Hospital via a sheltered linkbridge. The close proximity and connectivity to an acute hospital not only facilitate fast and efficient transfer of patients between the two institutions, but also allow doctors and specialists from the acute hospital the flexibility to visit their patients at the community hospital wards. Under the strong collaboration with Tan Tock Seng, Ren Ci Community Hospital’s patients can also enjoy a wide range of medical services and support provided by the acute facility.

Person-Centred Care
Ren Ci constantly reviews the way we provide care to our nursing home residents. As a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) that provides aged care services for the elderly community, Ren Ci believes in evolving away from the medicalised model of care and emphasising ageing with dignity, respect and self-reliance. In the nursing home context, person-centred care (PCC) refers to a care philosophy that emphasises the residents’ autonomy, dignity and sense of well-being. Ren Ci defines PCC as “recognising all residents as unique individuals who can be empowered to shape their own lives and achieve their goals despite personal limitations”.

We believe that with the PCC approach, the dynamics between care staff and residents would allow the seniors to be empowered to make decisions and that their individual needs and preferences be acknowledged.

Admission Guide

Admission to Ren Ci Community Hospital using Government subsidy can be applied through the restructured hospital via Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), a centralised government agency that monitors the availability of beds across all ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care) facilities in Singapore.

Cost Reference

  Singapore Citizen Permanent Resident Resident Foreigner/Non-resident 
Average daily bill size* $109 - $400 $265 - $469 $509 - $557
Average monthly bill size $3,270 - $12,000 $7,950 - $14,070 $15,270 - $16,710

For payment from Medishield Life,
the estimated balance payable
in cash and/or from Medisave (monthly)

$327 - $2,265 $5,983 - $7,637 NA
*Based  on the monthly charges computation files

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