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Many companies send their staff to our hospital and nursing homes to be volunteers. Although they are busy with their work, these nice people still make time to plan interesting programmes and activities for our patients and residents. It’s like VIA but for adults and equally fun! There’s so much we can do together to bring a ray of hope and joy to our patients and residents! Tell your company about us because we welcome you into our family anytime.


If you’re a student, you would have heard about Values in Action (VIA) programme from your school. It’s really interesting to do VIA in Ren Ci. You and your schoolmates can plan an activity or a programme you think will brighten up a patient or a resident’s life. Like planning an event for the patients and residents (magic shows, song and dance, etc) or simply befriending the seniors. Start rallying all your schoolmates and tell your school about us, because we would like to hear what bright ideas you’ve got!

Because of the joy on their faces, I am more motivated to volunteer. - Toh Jun Jie, Pioneer Junior College 


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